Children & Families Act Implemented 22nd April 2014

Children & Families Act Implemented 22nd April 2014

The Children and Families Act will be implemented on 22nd April 2014; part of its intention is to promote a wider use of mediation. Anyone wanting to make an application to the court to sort out arrangements for their children or a financial settlement will first of all have to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) where they can find out more about mediation and whether it might be a way for them to sort out their dispute.

This morning I and some other Bristol mediators met with Simon Hughes, Minister for Justice and Civil Liberties at the Bristol Court – not a place where we mediators often like to be!  Simon was full of enthusiasm for mediation as a way for couples to resolve disputes quickly, without acrimony and at minimum cost.

He suggests people should first go and see a mediator rather than a solicitor when they separate.  The government, which has been criticised for failing to promote mediation over the last year, will now be focusing on improving awareness of mediation.

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