How to Minimise the Effect of Separation on Children

How to Minimise the Effect of Separation on Children

“If you are no longer a wife, husband or partner, as long as you have children you will always and for ever be a mother or father”

This quote is from Penelope Leach’s book ‘Family Breakdown’. Penelope Leach has always had a lot to say about bringing up children, some of which you might agree with, some not.

What she is now saying about the effect of separation and divorce on children is backed by hard evidence and our experience as mediators. Children are affected by their parents breakdown but this effect can be minimised if parents can find a way of cooperating about parenting despite them being apart and no longer having a relationship together as partners.

In mediation one of the key messages we give to parents is: find a way of reaching agreements about the way you parent, minimise conflict and try to accept the other parent as having an important role in your children’s Iives. In mediation we try to encourage parents to listen to each other, to talk to each other and find a way of communicating into the future about their children.

You can read Penelope Leachs article from the Guardian on June 21 at

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