Children need to be part of the Mediation Process

Children need to be part of the Mediation Process

Government Support for Children in Mediation

The importance of considering children’s feelings and thoughts about their parents’ separation has now been recognised by the government who are actively encouraging children’s voices to be heard in mediation.

Speaking at a conference organised by the Family Justice Young People’s Board, Simon Hughes announced that the Government would take steps to ensure children over the age of 10 have their views heard in care proceedings and divorce/separation cases.

You can view the full content of the speech by Simon Hughes here: Giving children and young people a voice in the justice system

When their parents’ divorce, children can sometimes get caught in the middle, trying to please both parents. Feeling confused with divided loyalties. Increasingly, it is recognised that how the children feel and what they have to say about the arrangements being made for them after their parents’ separation is important.

Often decisions are made about children’s arrangements after separation without them being consulted or even listened to. This can have detrimental effects on the whole family going forward.

As mediators, we are aware that it is very important to take into account what a child thinks and sometimes a Direct Consultation with a child can be incredibly helpful for everybody concerned. For further details of how Direct Consultation works, you can see our section specifically about children. Or call us on 0117 924 3880.