Am I Eligible for legal Aid for Mediation?

Am I Eligible for legal Aid for Mediation?

Progressive Mediation can provide free Family Mediation to clients who are eligible for legal aid. We are working in conjunction with Compass Resolution, a mediation service based in Devon who have won an outreach contract for us to provide legally aided Mediation in Bristol, Totnes and surrounding South Devon areas.

And as part of a new government initiative if just one of you is eligible for legal aid, we can now offer both of you the first full mediation session free.

Many people aren’t sure if they are eligible for legal aid for Family Mediation.

Quick Check-list to see if you might be eligible

If you are on certain benefits – ie Income based Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, Income based Employment and Support Allowance, Guarantee Credit or Universal Credit you are probably eligible.

Disposable Income – For everyone else, not on benefits, the rule of thumb is that you have a disposable income of less than £733 per month after deducting tax and certain living expenses (ie rent and child-care) then you may well be eligible.

Savings – If you have capital or savings worth over £8000 then you won’t be eligible. However if the mediation is about property that you own, much of this value will be discounted so you may still be eligible.

What we suggest is that you do the calculation online and if you think you might be eligible then bring the following documents to your Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) which is free anyhow.

Documentation to Bring:

  • National Insurance Number
  • proof of your benefits
  • wage-slips covering the month up until your meeting
  • bank statements which cover the month up until your meeting
  • evidence of any other income
  • proof of any childcare payments
  • proof of your rent
  • proof of mortgage payments, recent mortgage statement
  • approximate value of any property you own

We will then be able to go through the forms with you to assess whether or not you are eligible.

For more information look at our Fact-Sheet 14 – Legal Aid: Download about eligibility for legal aid. Or call us with any questions you may have on 0788 903 9393.