What you Need to Know About National Dispute Resolution Week

What you Need to Know About National Dispute Resolution Week

This week is National Dispute Resolution Week. The idea of the week is to try to raise awareness of non-confrontational methods of resolving family breakdown – mediation, collaborative law and arbitration.

Resolution, the Association of Family Lawyers who launched the week have conducted a survey which concludes that most people in the UK believe that putting a child’s interests first and avoiding conflict are the top factors to consider when going through a divorce. Four out of five (78%) say that putting children’s interests first would be their first or second most important consideration in a divorce, and 53% would prioritise making the divorce as conflict-free as possible.

But while so many people know this, it still remains very hard for those actually in the throes of divorce and separation to put this in place.

As part of Family Dispute Resolution Week, Resolution is launching a new advice guide, ’Separating Together: Your options for separation and divorce.’ The guide is designed to help separating couples understand and explore non-court based methods of resolving issues arising on the breakdown of a relationship. You can read about this here:


Our colleagues at Compass Resolution have put together a short piece about why to choose mediation this week, and you can read it here:


And as a cautionary tale I’ve also included a link to an excellent article from the Guardian Saturday magazine, about the reality of using the court process, especially for those people who cannot afford legal representation and have to act as a litigant’s person. It’s truly terrifying and upsetting. I’m just surprised there is no mention of mediation as a far preferable alternative.


Here are some further links to our own pages which will provide further insight to the issues surrounding separation:

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