Family Mediation Week 2016

Family Mediation Week 2016

January is often described as Divorce Month, and the Monday of the first full working week back after the holidays is often referred to as Divorce Day. One national family law firm says referrals in January are usually more than 27% up on an average month. It seems some people make appointments in December, planning to spend one last Christmas together, while others may have had a bad time over the holidays and realised that their relationship is at an end.

With that in mind, it’s timely that 11th to 15th January 2016 is Family Mediation Week. The aim is to raise the profile of Family Mediation so that when people start to think about divorce and separation the first phone call people make is not to a solicitor but to a family mediator.

So why chose family mediation?

  1. Family Mediation is quicker – National Audit Office figures on legally aided meditations show that the average time for a mediated case to be completed is 110 days, compared to 435 days for court cases on similar issues.
  1. Family Mediation is often cheaper – than going to court – the average cost per client of mediation is £535 compared to £2,823 for cases going to court.
  1. Better Compromise is often reached – Family Mediation helps couples arrive at arrangements which suit them, rather than having negotiations through solicitors, or decisions made in court by a Judge who doesn’t fully know their situation.
  1. Less Stressful – Family Mediation is less stressful than an adversarial legal process. It helps couples improve communication, which is particularly important when they are going to have work together as parents.
  1. Easier on the Children – Family Mediation is much easier on children. All research shows that children can adapt well to separation and divorce. What causes long term damage to children is high levels of conflict between their parents.
  1. Changes are easier to make – Agreements reached in Family Mediation can be reviewed and changed if you both agree – e.g. if your situation changes, and as your children get older and have different needs.

How can we help?

At Progressive Mediation we offer initial hour long appointments for free. We provide free Family Mediation for those eligible for legal aid.

If you have any questions about how Family Mediation could help you please call us on 0117 924 3880.