Mediation Awareness Week – 14th- 20th October 2017

Mediation Awareness Week – 14th- 20th October 2017

Mediation Awareness Week (MAW) is nationally recognised and supported by all of the leading professional mediation bodies in the UK. Organised by Mediation Awareness Group, the week is a culmination of UK events, seminars and simulations for Mediators.

In short, it is a knowledge share for every possible mediation scenario from civil disputes, workplace resolution through to family and medical dispute mediation;

  • Explains how mediation is used to resolve disputes and conflict of all kinds of situations
  • Demonstrates how mediation provides a quicker, cheaper and more effective alternative to litigation
  • Shows how use of mediation benefits businesses, communities and individuals

Types of Mediation

Mediation spans all areas of life, from professional or workplace disputes through to family or individual disputes including discrimination. Here are the different areas of mediation that we cover here at Progressive Mediation:

Family Mediation

This covers all issues arising from divorce or separation, for example:

  • Disputes over division of financial assets including property, vehicles, savings and pensions
  • Disputes over maintenance payments for children
  • Disagreement over arrangements for children – where they will live or the division of time between the parents
  • Grandparents and extended family’s wishes to maintain contact with their grandchildren

At progressive Mediation, we provide free initial meetings or MIAMs and can help people discover if they are eligible for Legally Aided Mediation.

Read our family mediation case study.

Inheritance Act Dispute Mediation

Disputes can often arise after a death in the family, about the division of estates whether a will has been made or not.  Litigation in these cases can be particularly distressing. Mediation is a faster and more sensitive way to deal with these disagreements:

  • Faster – a mediation session can be arranged within weeks rather than months
  • Cheaper – litigation costs can be huge and often disproportionate to the amount of money at stake
  • Maintain relationships – the importance of trying to preserve or restore family relationships – Litigation damages relationships, with mediation there is the possibility of restoring peace between family members
  • Informality – this can be so important at a time of bereavement for all parties. Mediation is a much more relaxed situation where everyone has time to listen and hear everyone else.

Read more on Inheritance Act or Will Dispute Mediations.

Civil & Commercial Mediation

Disputes also often arise within the workplace and can be related to any disagreement from personality clashes, bullying or discrimination of some kind.

Equalities mediation – This can be a very helpful service for anyone who feels they have been treated unfairly because of disability, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender (including gender reassignment), or age. This is also applicable to employment, facilities, services or education providers that have received a complaint about an alleged case of discrimination.

Read our equalities mediation case study.

Workplace mediation – Conflict between staff is a common cause of stress in the workplace as well as high staff turnover.  Mediation has become increasingly popular with employers who recognise that it is more important to help their employees work out their own solutions to their difficulties rather than to impose solutions.

Read our workplace mediation case study.

Mediation Services in Bristol

If you are experiencing unresolved dispute issues at home or at work, we understand how stressful these situations can be.

Give us a call for an informal chat about your circumstances and we can advise you of the best course of action and whether mediation may help you. Call Frances now on 0117 924 3880.