Costs Of Mediation – Can I Get Free Mediation?

Costs Of Mediation – Can I Get Free Mediation?

The costs of family mediation can vary dramatically depending on the hourly rate of the mediator and the number of sessions required. The complexity of the dispute and how willing each party is to compromise will also vary from case to case. According to the Family Mediation Council’s survey from 2019, the proportion of mediation cases where the issue was around children was 46%. 25% was around property and finance. And 29% was a combination of both issues.

As an example, a separating couple with children who have disagreed over the arrangements for their children could, if they were willing, resolve their issue in a few sessions. On the other hand, a high conflict couple with many different points of disagreement might take many more sessions.

Let’s take a closer look at the costs:

Cost Of A MIAM

The first part of any mediation process is to attend a MIAM  – a mediation information and assessment meeting. Costs for this initial meeting will vary but check what is included in the price because the issue of signed court forms will often be an extra cost.

Average UK Cost of MIAM* Progressive Mediation MIAM Costs

£107 per person for the MIAM

£58 extra cost for signed court form.


Face To Face MIAM: £40.

£15 extra for the signed court form.

Online MIAM: Starts from £45.


* Family Mediation Council’s survey from 2019

Cost Of Family Mediation

When you compare the costs of mediation against going to court, mediation is invariably the least expensive option. You are also much more likely to get an outcome that both parties are happy with and arrive at a compromise. In the Family Mediation Council’s survey we reference that 75% of the 37,000 mediation cases had whole or partial agreement and would be considered a success.

How Much Does a Mediator Cost?

Again, the total costs for family mediation will depend on how many sessions are required to resolve the issues and reach agreement. The average cost for family mediation (including mediation for separation, divorce and children’s arrangements) are £140 per hour.

However, mediators also vary their pricing structure, with some using sliding scale fees according to income or fixed fee packages which include the paperwork. When you are researching mediators be sure to check for hidden costs and if the pricing is per person or per couple.


Average UK Costs of Mediation* Progressive Mediation Fees

£140 per person per hour.


The average total cost for both participants to attend a MIAM, a successful mediation, and any relevant outcome documentation was £1641.


Joint Sessions – £70 per person per hour.

Letters summarising mediation sessions – Free.

Open Financial Statement – £50 per person.

Memorandum of Understanding – £50 per person.

Completion of C100 or Form A – £55.

*Family Mediation Council’s survey from 2019

Read further details on our mediation fees and costs at Progressive Mediation. Be in no doubt that even though we are reasonably priced, you will receive a quality service. We do not compromise on professional standards and uphold the code of professional practice set out by the Family Mediation Council. We have been mediating for over 20 years with many hundreds of successful outcomes over a range of circumstances.

Can I Get Free Mediation?

Am I Eligible For Legal Aid For Mediation?

It is possible that you and/or your ex-partner may be eligible for legal aid, in which case you would not pay for your mediation. Read our comprehensive guide to see if you might be eligible for free mediation. The criteria are based on a few financial factors such as whether you are in receipt of benefits, you have savings or a certain level of disposable income.

As part of a government initiative if just one of you is eligible for legal aid, we can now offer you both the first mediation session free.

Online Mediation Services

With Covid-19 being very much a feature in all our lives, we can conduct mediation sessions and MIAMs online. We can use video calls, Zoom, Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp.

This isn’t a new way of working for us as over the years we have found that many separating couples either live too far away from each other or would simply rather not be in the same room.

Can We Help You?

If you are looking for a mediation service, would like further advice or to find out if you are eligible for free mediation through legal aid then please get in touch. Call Progressive Mediation on 0788 903 9393 and we will advise you on the best course of action for your circumstances. We can provide all of our services online, there is no need for face to face meetings.