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Testimonial from a mediation case

"Dear Charles and Frances, in December '16 and January '17 you facilitated mediation between myself and my husband"

"This card is to say 'thank you'. Your professionalism and expertise made a very difficult time much more manageable than I could ever have anticipated."

"We have moved on practically considerably due to your facilitation and emotionally are continuing to make the necessary adjustments."

"Thank you, I will be forever grateful"

Testimonial from a family mediation case

"Frances was the mediator for my ex-husband and I during the difficult time establishing access arrangements with our child.

During our sessions Frances has listened, guided and offered realistic, sound advice on how we could agree on our arrangements.

Prior to mediation we were prepared to go through the courts, emotions were very high and incredibly stressful, 6 months later at the end of our mediation we have a fair, amicable arrangement in place and the mutual understanding that we could go back to mediation at any point in the future if we needed to.

Very affordable fees and a high quality service. Thankyou."

Testimonial from a family mediation case

“I would just like to take the time to thank you both for your mediation sessions over the last 9 months, despite my demeanour I have found this incredibly difficult and was very reassured by the professionalism of you both despite my concerns prior to attending.
Although very difficult I feel that the ultimate solution gave everyone a fair outcome and it has certainly allowed me to move past some difficult personal issues.

Secondly I would like to endorse the Aquila course you recommended, I have been finding the separation especially from the children very hard and at times felt it had influenced my decision making adversely. The course has allowed me to understand the issues and not have decisions adversely affected during mediation."

Testimonial from a civil mediation case

“Dear Frances, on behalf of my sister, and myself, I would like to thank you, and your partner for the excellent mediation meeting concerning Sarah's future.
This was the first time we had experienced such a meeting and we were incredibly impressed with your sensitivity, professionalism and skill throughout the meeting.
This is a very emotive and complex matter which you and your partner have gained great insight and detail into.
We are entering into this care for Sarah with open eyes, and a real desire to make it work for our mother, and ourselves.
We are both very grateful to you for helping us achieve our desired outcome regarding mums care and hope that she will be happier, and maintain some dignity as she continues to live with this cruel illness. It has to be worth a try.
Thank you again for your brilliance".

Testimonial from a wheelchair user

‘Frances Place is head and shoulders above any mediators I have met in my time, and I have met quite a few. She leaves no stone unturned, does extensive research into every case she handles before; during and after . . . she always goes the extra mile. Frances is nothing but professional while at the same time sympathetic, and always remains impartial.
In my opinion, Frances is the best, and would always be my first choice’

Testimonial from a family mediation case

Going through a divorce is one of the most daunting things you can experience, especially when it is a shock and you are not expecting it. You go through a lot of emotions and under the circumstances it is not always easy to sit with your partner and make arrangements about the care of the children and financial matters. 

Frances is extremely professional. She led the discussions in a way that helped us to keep the focus on the topic we were discussing. She also always made sure that she listened to us both, without taking sides. We found also that Frances was very responsive, whenever we contacted her she replied straight away and also sent us the summary of our meetings rapidly. 

Divorce is not easy, but Frances made it easier and less painful for both of us.

We thoroughly recommend her and Progressive Mediation.

Testimonial from a mediation involving finances and children

"Thank you for helping us to move forward and for your patience with us".

Testimonial from a children’s case

"Thank you for navigating us through these difficult matters, your determination to find common ground and resolution, and the support and encouragement you have given."

Testimonial from a children’s case

"Many thanks for all of your help. We could not have wished for better support.”

Testimonial from a child consultation

“Thanks for the professional way in which you have handled this matter.”

Testimonial from a family financial case

“Thank you for helping us to reach an early settlement which we both feel is fair."

Testimonial from an equalities case

“This was a very difficult mediation. Frances was great and I will recommend her and use her in similar disputes.”

Testimonial from an inheritance act case

“We thank you for your assistance in this matter, our client has indicated that mediation has been a huge help in resolving this issue".

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