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Childrens Arrangements

Childrens’ Arrangements  Case Study

This case study shows how alternative and effective mediation helped this separating couple to sort out an agreed timetable for sharing the responsibility of the children. One of the hardest things with divorce is each parent feeling they are still involved with the children even if they no longer live with them. All names have been changed.

Brian and Sally…a positive outcome for the children

Brian and Sally came to see us. They were still living in the same house. Sally wanted to stay in the family home with their two children – 6 year old Sam and 8 year old Becky – but Brian was refusing to move out.

Brian said he was terrified of losing the children, and that he wanted the children living with him half the time, and did not want to be a ‘Saturday parent’.

Sally said that she had heard from her friends that it was normal for fathers to have contact with their children every other weekend. Neither wanted to pay the cost of going to court, and both knew their children were becoming distressed by the conflict at home.

In mediation, the couple made a record of their working hours. They were able to work out ways the children could spend time with each of them that fitted in with their working schedule.

The reality was that, because of his work commitments, Brian could not have the children 50% of the time but we were able to help them move away from arguments in principle and look at what was possible for both of them. This also meant that Brian was prepared to move out of the family home, immediately reducing the conflict which the children had been witnessing on a daily basis.

Brian and Sally continued to see us for mediation to work out a financial settlement and reported that the arrangements for the children were going well and the children were far more settled and happy.

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