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Civil Mediation

Civil & Commercial Mediation – Dispute Resolution

We can help you with all types of conflict resolution – You may be in civil dispute in the workplace, with an employer or employee. You may need commercial mediation to resolve a dispute about money, business or discrimination. Or you may be needing to resolve conflict of a more personal nature, with a friend or neighbour over property or your car for example.

Whatever your mediation requirements are we can help you to find a way to resolve the issues without going to court. These days as individuals or as employers, it’s easy enough to find ourselves in dispute over matters, large or small, everyday things or ones which are unusual.

With mediation you avoid the risk of long drawn out, expensive adversarial litigation and the bitterness which often follows such procedures. We can find ways of making your business or organisation work more effectively without wasting time on unnecessary conflict.

Finding a resolution

Through mediation we can help you find a resolution without the stress of going to court, and we can provide an opportunity for everyone’s point of view to be heard.

Our aim is to find solutions that work for everyone. These may include:

  • outcomes which all parties agree are fair
  • an apology
  • compensation
  • better ways of communicating in the future
  • changes in policy or practice that could bring improvements for others who find themselves in a similar situation.
How we work

Our approach is flexible. Sometimes people want to resolve matters in one meeting, possibly lasting half or even a whole day. Sometimes we meet several times for a shorter period. Sometimes we see you on your own, sometimes we all meet together.

We will have an initial discussion with you, usually on the phone, to work out the best way forward before setting up a meeting.

We can then communicate face-to-face, by telephone, by email or by post – to suit your preferences.

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