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Commercial Mediation

Commercial Mediation case Study

Commercial or workplace mediation can often resolve issues between work associates where the communication has broken down. This case study shows how civil disputes can be resolved through mediation. All names have been changed.

David and Jack…improving service and business

David owned a hotel and sent all his laundry out to be cleaned by Jack who owned a laundry. Over a number of months David had been concerned that laundry was not being returned and on occasions the wrong items were returned.

He issued a claim in the county court. The district judge adjourned proceedings so they could try mediation. David was initially reluctant because he felt angry about what had happened. By having a face to face discussion with an impartial mediator they were able to work out that the cause of the problem was a relatively new but incompetent employee of Jack’s.

In mediation Jack agreed that he would give his employee a warning and some additional training, that he would do three jobs for David at no charge, and they would have a further discussion to check everything was working well in a month’s time.

They both went away pleased as they were able to maintain a business relationship and they had both obtained a satisfactory outcome, and not one that a court would have ordered.

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