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Disability Discrimination

Disability Discrimination Mediation Case Study

Disability discrimination cases can be resolved through civil mediation without the stress of court cases. This case study shows how this person with a disability resolved the dispute through a mediation process. All names have been changed.

Sam…raising disability awareness

Sam is blind and was going on a train journey. An announcement was made saying that all passengers were expected to familiarise themselves with the safety notices. Sam requested a Braille version of the notices but found that none were available.

Sam did not want to go to court but felt that the rail company should comply with its obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act. The rail company agreed to attend mediation.

A very constructive mediation meeting took place and the rail company agreed that a Braille leaflet should be made available on all train journeys. Positively, it was also agreed that all staff working on the trains would receive Disability Awareness Training.

Sam was happy as he felt he achieved an outcome he might not have achieved in court. The rail company were happy as they could see the advantage to them of having well trained staff and they had not incurred the expense of going to court.

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