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Divorce Financial Settlement

Divorce and Finances – Mediation Case Study

Divorce Financial Settlement can be one of the hardest things to for separating couples to resolve. The emotional conflict will often interfere with the way the parties think about the separation finances. This mediation case study shows how the divorce finances can be resolved more easily through family mediation. All names have been changed.

Linda and Tom…settling the finances

Linda and Tom had been married for nine years and when they came to see us they had been separated for a year. During that time they had both been to solicitors and felt in despair. They had spent a fortune, sorted nothing out and were more in conflict with each other than ever. They could not agree how to divide their home and possessions. A friend suggested they try mediation.

Tom believed that, because Linda had not worked during the marriage, she was entitled to very little. Linda said that she had been at home with the children and had supported Tom’s career so that he had advanced quickly and so she was entitled to a substantial share of their assets.

During mediation we were able to have a constructive discussion focusing on options that seemed fair but also viable for both of them. Linda said she found the process very empowering; for the first time she felt involved in the family finances and had an understanding of the financial situation.

In the end the settlement reached was higher than Tom had initially proposed, but less than Linda had said she would settle for. They could both see that the proposals ultimately agreed were ones that meant they could both move forward without any more argument – which was beneficial for them and their children.

Linda said afterwards “For the first time I felt like I had the power to run my life”.

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