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Family Mediation

Are you divorcing, separating and not communicating? If so family mediation might help you.

Are you divorcing or separating? Do any or all of these apply to you?

  • Finding it hard to talk to your former partner about things you know you have to discuss?
  • Concerned about the impact of the breakup on your children and how best to manage this?
  • Unsure or confused about the legal side of things?
  • Need help to sort out issues related to property, finances, pensions?

Find out how mediation can help…

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAM)s

The courts and the government now acknowledge that mediation is, for many families, a better way of resolving disputes than litigation.  This is why, before making an application to the court in a family dispute you are required to show that you have considered the possibility of mediation.  You need to attend a MIAM with an authorised family mediation service.  At Progressive Mediation we offer you an individual MIAM, an opportunity for you confidentially and without charge or obligation to consider in an informed way whether mediation could assist in your circumstances.

Mediation can help you
  • Discuss and agree how and when the children spend time with each parent.
  • Work out living arrangements for the children that take account of their needs and your obligations.
  • Ensure that financial support takes realistic account of both parents’ circumstances and the children’s needs.
  • Address the division of property and other assets in a way that is fair, and takes an accurate account of both your and the children’s needs and the resources available.
  • Lay a foundation for the kind of co-operation and communication in respect of the children’s needs, education, health and welfare that is essential to their future well-being.
Legal Aid for Family Mediation

We are able, as of the 19th January 2015, to provide free, legally aided family mediation to couples who are eligible, from our Bristol  Mediation  Centre. Please find further information about this service here.

We have plenty of experience of the pitfalls of going through court – protracted acrimony; courtroom battles, children torn by conflicting loyalties, lives blighted and lasting bitterness.

Choosing Family Mediation, whether to sort out a financial settlementarrangements for the children or both, is about maintaining control over the settlement of your separation or divorce. It’s about helping you to move on from a relationship that is over, to the start of the next phase of your life.


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