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Legal Aid for Mediation

Legally Aided Mediation Now Available at Progressive Mediation.

We are now able to offer legally aided mediation at our premises in Totnes, also serving the wider South Devon and South Hams area to include Newton Abbot, Paignton, and Torquay.

Please Note: We are able to conduct all of our mediation services online using video calls. We can use Zoom, Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp.

If you are having difficulties calling our mobile number, please try calling via Whatsapp.


Compass Resolution Ltd with their headquarters based in Exeter has been granted a contract by the Legal Aid Agency to offer legally aided mediation through a national network of outreach offices, including our premises in Totnes.  Compass has the necessary administrative infrastructure, including case management systems and computer software, efficiently to meet the Legal Aid Agency requirements.

This means we are able to assist in cases in which one or both parties are eligible for legal aid, and, under current rules, to provide one joint mediation session, without charge to either party, in cases in which only one party is eligible for legally aided mediation.

To check to see if you may be eligible for free mediation through legal aid click here.

In all such cases we shall be acting as mediators for Compass Resolution Ltd.  As such we shall be obliged to apply fees approved by Compass Resolution Ltd to privately paying clients.  These fees are £90 per hour per person for mediation.  It is necessary for us to charge fees higher than our Progressive Mediation rates in order to meet the increased administrative and management costs, other overheads associated with Compass Resolution Ltd and the requirements of the Legal Aid Agency.

In cases in which both parties are eligible for legally aided mediation we can now offer a comprehensive mediation service at no charge, though Compass Resolution Ltd.

In cases in which one party is eligible for legal aid it is likely to be cost effective for us to offer mediation through Compass Resolution Ltd.  There will be no charge for the first joint mediation session. For subsequent sessions the privately paying client will have to pay £84 per session + £84 per document for outcome documents.

In cases in which neither party is eligible for legal aid, mediation with Progressive Mediation will continue to be the cost effective option.  Progressive Mediation fees at £60 per person per hour remain the most competitive for any service approved by the Family Mediation Council.

Clients will need to choose, at the outset, whether their mediation is under the auspices of Progressive Mediation or Compass Resolution Ltd.  It will not normally be possible to switch from one service to the other in the course of the mediation process.  The options will be fully discussed at our Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM).  This initial, individual, confidential meeting will continue to be offered to all for a fee of £40.

We remain committed to the provision of high quality, accessible, affordable family mediation, whether through Progressive Mediation or Compass Resolution Ltd.  We are delighted that our association with Compass Resolution Ltd now means that we are able to offer a service to that significant proportion of separating and divorcing couples who are eligible for legal aid.

Please call us for further advice on legal aid for mediation and information on eligibility. 0788 903 9393.

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