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Inheritance Act

Inheritance Act Dispute Mediation

Unfortunately after death, particularly in this day and age where the nuclear family is not necessarily the norm, disputes can arise about the division of estates whether a will has been made or not.  Litigation in these cases can be particularly distressing.  We offer people the opportunity of resolving these inheritance disputes in mediation.

Reasons to Mediate Inheritance Disputes
  • Speed:  a mediation can be arranged within weeks rather than months.
  • Saving costs:  litigation costs can be huge and often disproportionate to the amount of money at stake.
  • The importance of trying to preserve or restore family relationships:  litigation damages relationships, with mediation there is the possibility of restoring what once might have been a good relationship.
  • Flexibility:  solutions can be agreed that are outside powers of the court and can include dealing with household possessions, who should be buried with the deceased, to name but a few of the issues we have helped people solve in mediation.
  • Informality: at a time of bereavement for all parties litigation can only add to stress.

All parties to inheritance disputes are required by the Civil Procedure Rules to consider whether some form of alternative dispute resolution might enable them to settle the matter without starting proceedings. The court can impose tough costs sanctions for those parties who unreasonably refuse to at least attempt steps towards settlement.

We are experienced in dealing sensitively in mediation with highly emotional and difficult disputes for those who are suffering the trauma of bereavement as well as being involved in a contentious family dispute.


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