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As mediators we recognise and welcome the advice and services that other professions can offer our clients.  We are always happy to talk to other professionals about our services, to welcome visitors to our premises (by appointment) and to discuss referrals, policies, principles and practice.

Solicitors – We welcome referrals from solicitors, and encourage our mediation clients to obtain legal advice during the mediation process.

With the consent of the client we are happy to send mediation summaries direct to solicitors at no additional charge to the client.  We are authorised to conduct Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings, and, usually able to arrange MIAMs at short notice and at the convenience of clients.  We do not charge for MIAMs, although we do charge £20 to issue a form FM1.

Our clients, typically, are members of the ‘squeezed middle.’  Not eligible for legal aid, but often under significant financial stress associated with divorce and separation.  They are often wary of solicitors’ costs and fear adversarial attitudes.  We are keen to hear from solicitors who might be able to offer our clients legal advice based on a sympathetic understanding of the mediation process and on an affordable basis.

Financial advisors – We encourage mediation clients to take stock of their financial situation in the context of mediation.  For some this may be the first time they will have sought independent financial advice on their own account.  Particular issues on which our clients often need advice are mortgages and pensions.  We are always keen to hear from financial advisors with interests/expertise/useful contacts in these areas.

Counsellors and therapists – Separation and Divorce are, of course, stressful life events which often lead those concerned to seek individual or couple counselling.  Our role as mediators starts from an acceptance by both parties that the marriage or conjugal relationship is at an end.  Sometimes a period of couple or individual counselling may be a necessary preliminary to family mediation.  Not infrequently individual counselling can offer invaluable support to clients as they deal with the practical issues arising from the breakdown of a relationship in mediation. We are particularly interested in dialogue with counsellors and therapists who have a special interest in this area of work.

Mediators –  All family mediators are required to retain a Professional Practice Consultant and meet with them on a regular basis.  Frances Place has more than ten years’ experience as a PPC and currently offers this service to a number of family mediators in Bristol and the South West.  If as a mediator you need a PPC, Frances is willing to discuss he availability with you.

Health Professionals and Teachers – We know that, in your work you are likely to encounter situations involving separation, divorce and family breakdown.  Speak to us about how family mediation can help reduce stress and acrimony, and be an effective way of reducing the damaging exposure of children to adult conflicts.

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