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Teens Share Experiences of Divorce and Separation

Are you a teen going through divorce and separation?

We recognise that it can be a really tough time for you, as the pressure builds with school, exams and you may be starting to think about what direction you want to take in life.

All this to deal with and you feel the support you had at home from your parents is coming to an end as they focus on their separation and their own problems.

Perhaps the separation even means you may have to move house or  school? Are you the eldest child and therefore feel you are taking on a parenting role to younger brothers or sisters?

We understand all of these feelings are upsetting and even frightening as you feel the world as you know it changing very rapidly and it feels that it is all out of your control.

We have put this page together for teenagers to share your experiences of separating parents, it can be a great comfort to know you are not alone in your struggles and that other young people are experiencing similar things.

The resulting changes brought about by divorce and separation can lead to a number of impacts on you including:

  • Feeling like you are forced to grow up quickly.
  • Feeling like it is your fault.
  • Feeling angry that your home and family will no longer live together.
  • Feeling sad and not important to your parents anymore.
  • Feeling an overwhelming responsibility to grow up before you were ready.

How We Can Help

We have partnered up with Voices in the Middle, a charity who support young people from separating families by providing you with a place to hear from others who have been “there”.

Watch some Stories

One way in which Voices in the Middle help support young people is by sharing the stories of other children of divorce or separation. Why not check out some of the latest stories here: voicesinthemiddle.org.uk

Tell Us Your Story

If you or someone you know has experienced divorce or separation then another important step is being able to talk about your experiences. If you want to share what you have been through with others then you can simply upload a video or text story of your own.

Have your say

Have you been through it? Tell your story here. Do you have advice for parents or young people going through it? Tell it here. Stories, top tips, poems, songs, video diaries – you choose! We will publish the best things on this site.

Have your say


Further help

Other sources of support for young people in Bristol include ‘Off the Record: https://www.otrbristol.org.uk.

There is a great resource of books to read here:  https://akidspace.co.uk/resources

Sometimes families find it very hard to negotiate with each other on contact issues and perhaps which parent will take care of you. In these cases mediation with parents and their children and teens can be of great help as you are getting an unbiased opinion on the situation. Often mediation results in resolution where everyone is happier to move forward.

If you are interested in finding out more about our mediation services for teenagers or families then give our team a call today on 0788 903 9393.

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